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Greek Alumni
The Office of Alumni Relations has partnered with many Greek organizations over the years to provide database services, help plan anniversary and milestone celebrations, collaborate on special events, and leverage resources for major weekends such as Reunion & Homecoming. Through this partnership, we help encourage Greek alumni to return to campus. We look forward to collaborating with any Greek organization that would benefit from our assistance. Below are some ways you may work with our office.

Services for Your Greek Organization


  • Let us act as your database. We can store your alumni/ae biographical information and Greek ID, and provide a delegate in your organization with a list anytime it is needed. All we ask is that you help us keep it accurate by providing us with any updates you receive.
  • Keeping the database in a campus office eliminates year-to-year confusion as your leadership changes. The database has a field for Greek-related ID numbers for tracking and matching purposes.
  • Over 10,000 updates per month are made to the alumni database - ensuring the most accurate information possible.
  • Utilize the broadcast e-mail services through the alumni website, to send special messages, newsletters, and notices of upcoming events to your alumni in HTML format.
  • Let us market your upcoming events and activities on the alumni website, and in appropriate alumni publications such as the Duquesne magazine or the Bulletin from Our Bluff.
  • Utilizing these services will keep the alumni database updated for future communications.
Event Management/Online Registration
  • Utilizing our web community we are able to help with online event registration for any of your alumni programs. i.e. events during Reunion & Homecoming Weekend, etc.
  • Allows for credit card processing for alumni. There is no cost to you for the use of this online registration service.
  • All money that is collected through online registration will be reimbursed to your organization or utilized to pay expenses related to the event.
Major campus weekends
  • Reunion & Homecoming - September 23 - 25, 2016
  • Greek Week - April 2016
  • Many fraternities and sororities are approaching milestone years. Let us know if you are planning events so that we can help you advertise and celebrate these special occasions.
We continue to engage and expand our relationships with all of the Greek organizations on campus. We remain committed to finding ways to support Greek students and alumni through:
  • Alumni Greek Council
  • IFC
  • Panhellenic Association
  • Office of Greek Life
How Alumni Relations Will Work With Your Fraternity/Sorority
The Alumni Relations Office will contact the Greek organization’s advisor and/or active president when Greek alumni request services. The Alumni Relations Office will provide the requested information after receiving approval from the advisor and/or the active chapter president. If no approval from the advisor and/or the active chapter president is received within seven days of the request, the Office of Alumni Relations will make the determination as to whether the request can be fulfilled.