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Alumni Directory
Looking for a former classmate? Duquesne alumni have password protected access to our full online directory and can contact fellow alumni if an available address is on file.

Class Notes
Do you have news to share with us? Complete a class note online or send your update to alumnionline@duq.edu.

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We want to keep in touch with you! There's no better way to stay in touch with your Duquesne friends than to keep your own record up-to-date.

Social Networks

Join us on your favorite social network to connect with alumni, view photos of campus, and see the latest campus happenings and alumni events. Share your memories using #DuqAlumni!

Bulletin From The Bluff

View the latest issue of the Bulletin from The Bluff that is sent via email each month. Not receiving our monthly newsletter? Update your current email address.

Bluff in the 'Burgh

A monthly listing of events happening on campus and in the Pittsburgh area. We welcome alumni and friends to participate!

Duquesne News

Read all of the latest Duquesne news and headlines from across all of our schools and programs.

Duquesne University Magazine
Flip through issues of the award-winning Duquesne University Magazine and read about what’s new on the Bluff.